What we are proud of


Human Resources Planning


Human Resources Planning (HRP) ensures that the organization has the right number of human resources. All at the right place, at the right time.

A team capable of completing tasks and duties effectively and efficiently. All that adds up to a successful achievement of company's main goals.

Business Plans


We work closely with you to understand your goals and aims, and then develop a new business plan. Most clients hire us to compose a business plan for them. But oftentimes they find that the process they go through in working out that final business plan is more important than the documents themselves.

Exit Planning


Often referred to as business succession strategy, exit planning is more complex than that.

It's a development of a strategy and a roadmap that allows the business owner to maximize the market value and leave their business on better terms.

Interim Management


Interim Management is the short-term assignment of a highly experienced senior manager to handle a period of expansion, transition, crisis or change within an organization.

In this situation, a permanent role may be unnecessary or there may be nobody internally suitable or available to take up the position in question on short notice.

Components of strategic planning


Spectrum sets a guide to its corporate clients for their future. Should we grow, stabilize, or retract, markets to invest in, where to allocate investments and how to collaborate in new markets.

Spectrum sets strategies that define how to compete in markets. Whether differentiate, lead by cost, or focus on a niche and accordingly build a comprehensive outlook of the business.

Market Research Consulting

The majority of market researching companies tend to work for the industry leaders - big corporations. We, on the other hand, work mostly with the SMB companies.

Our team uncovers market opportunities, and sometimes, marketing challenges, that remain unseen by competitors, that is what puts up on top of them.

Our corporate culture